Danny’s Inferno
We Tortured our Friends for Moral Reasons

Danny’s Inferno’ is a subversion of Burger King’s  2018 D&AD brief. Launched with the satirical video ‘What would you do for a Whopper?’, the campaign aims to shed light on the potential ethical implications that accompany design briefs.

Each challenge presented to the contestants is based upon a different statistic linked to the animal agriculture industry, (like alarmingly high water consumption) that are generally glossed over by creative advertising.

This video acts as a call to action, encouraging creatives to take more responsibility for the companies they choose to represent, and to seek further information with the ‘Danny’s Inferno’ website and app. Our hope is that through raising awareness, we can make tangible change in the design world.

The ‘Danny’s Inferno’ app is an ethical database for designers, by designers. Using this, creatives can quickly decide whether to accept a brief based upon a comprehensive dissection of a company’s ethical factors, ranging from work conditions to production. With a carefully sourced range of statistics the app lets designers take responsibility for the negative impacts their work could have with a simple click.

In collaboration with Sam Gorham: www.samuelgorham.co.uk