Male Baggage  
We Dangled our Bollocks out of Shop Window 

Blokes are brought up to believe talking about their feelings is a sign of weakness. ‘Male Baggage’ aims to break this often harmful stereotype, and encourages men to talk openly without fear of judgement. Anchored by a comical range of pink balloon bollocks, this campaign has the potential to tackle a whole host of overlooked issues from mental health and body image to sex and consent education.

D&AD New Blood Pencil Winner - 2018

The campaign is launched with a short video posted across social media platforms. With an ambiguous timelapse of the Male Baggage balloons inflating, followed by the campaign tagline and web address, this video aims to intrigue and draw people to the campaign website to learn more.

The main drive of this campaign comes from the promotional ‘Male Baggage’ balloons. Introduced with a short internet video, these balloons offer the general public the opportunity to help spread a message of emotional openness in a fun and lighthearted way. With bollock balloons of varying sizes, each packed with biodegradeable information cards, people can stick them up wherever they please (though preferably somewhere suggestive) and help promote change.

This series of posters helps to push the campaign message even further, with ambiguous and eye catching imagery to draw even more men to the Male Baggage website. These designs work best in sequence, and so are ideal for tube station escalators.

Thousands of bright pink testicles decorating the globe is quite the spectacle, and as the number grows, so will the number of men visiting the Male Baggage website.

The main purpose of the site is the ‘Talk’ page. Including an online chat with in-house specialists, an open forum and a free hotline, men have the opportunity to talk here without fear of judgement.

The ‘Share’ page is where the promotional balloons are most widely available. They come in small, medium and large and are completely free of charge.