The Implausible Case of C.Hook
We Found Out _____ Was Behind Fake News

‘The Implausible Case of C. Hook’ is a mock investigative journal, following amateur journalist Ben Wood as he attempts to uncover the truth behind Trump’s formidable fake news empire. Aiming to parody the style of 50’s noire films and literature, the journal gradually escalates from a simple internet search to an army base infiltration with a twist ending for the ages. The aim of the book was to satirise Fake News, and ultimately to show how easily ludicrous false stories can be created.

Ben reaches a dead end. Having found the name he has been searching for, it appears to be encrypted. A mysterious code he cannot crack.

The conclusion of the story is found slotted into the back cover of the journal.

Playing out through a series of mock noir photographs, Ben discovers the code is in fact mirrored, and reads ‘Its u m8.’

He was the mysterious C. Hook all along.